May 2019

21 22

Meeting on monitoring and thresholds for MSFD marine litter impact criteria

Meeting Berlin

The EU Technical Group on Marine Litter is inviting experts to share expertise on Marine Litter. The workshop aims at discussing and agreeing on suitable approaches for the development and establishment of threshold values for the litter impact criteria.


29 31

MED POL Focal Points Meeting

Istanbul, Turkey

June 2019

27 28

TG ML meeting

Gothenburg, Sweden

July 2019

09 11

INDICIT-II partners’ meeting

Meeting Monastir, Tunisia

Hosted by INSTM, INDICIT-II partners will meet in Monastir in order to discuss the tasks carried out during the first 6 months of the project and plan the strategies for the following 6 months. Following a general meeting, a two-days workshops will allow working more deeply on specific litter impacts, such entanglement or ingestion of micro-litter (<1 mm).