What is Indicit?

INDICIT (Implementation Of Indicators Of Marine Litter On Sea Turtles And Biota In Regional Sea Conventions And Marine Strategy Framework Directive Areas), is a two year project (february 2017 – february 2019 funded by the European Union. The consortium, composed of researchers from 7 different countries, is committed to support the implementation of EU’s Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and other international environmental policies aiming at protecting the marine environment (especially the Barcelona convention, the OSPAR convention, the HELCOM etc).

You may find the events in INDICIT agenda.

INDICIT focuses on the Descriptor 10 of the MSFD (“Marine Litter”), which aims to maintain or achieve the Good Environmental Status (GES) of the marine environment by 2020 with respect to marine litter. The overarching aim is to develop a set of standardized tools for monitoring the impacts of litter on marine fauna as bio-indicators: Indicator 1 “macro-litter ingested by sea turtle (debris items >5 mm)”, Indicator 2 “Marine wildlife entanglement in debris (all taxa)” and Indicator 3 “micro-litter ingested by fish/ sea turtle (debris items <1mm)”. A particular focus will be devoted on Indicator 1.